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IT Solutions That Work

There is no question that every small business needs a reliable IT system. Ideally, your IT should be running so well that you forget it’s even there. At Platinum Web Services, we know that for many small businesses, enlisting the help of a professional in-house IT team is no small–or cheap–task. Why should you spend the money, or the time? If you already have an internal IT team, you may find that your team occasionally needs extra support for larger projects. Whatever the situation, we have a solution that will work for you.

Reliable IT Solutions

If you outsource your IT department to our experts, you can be sure that Platinum Web Services will help your business avoid the unexpected due to a previously unreliable IT system or other problems that may arise. We have pioneered state-of-the-art, customized solutions so that your business will run to the best of its abilities. We can also work with or without an in-house IT staff. At Platinum Web Services, our services are available for continuous management or maintenance of your IT. You can set up on-call support, effective 24/7, or call us only when you need us on a case-by-case basis.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best in constantly updated technology consulting, IT services, management, support, and maintenance. We work to make our IT solutions straightforward and affordable so that clients can focus on the efficiencyof their business.

Here’s how the professionals at Platinum Web Services can help you and your business:

  • Never again will you lack IT support – We are always here for you. If you need frequent support, our IT support services will be on top of your needs every hour of every day. If needed, we can even manage your IT remotely in order to prevent future problems from arising. If your IT system breaks down, our on-call IT support services are always available to help. We’re just a phone call away.
  • Save money on your systems – Our experts have done the research, and they are happy to provide well-informed advice. Our computer consulting services have your best interests in mind and can provide recommendations on the best software and hardware on the market.
  • Stay supported when you travel – Our support is available both at the office and on the road. If you or an employee at your small business needs to travel for an event, or in another work-related capacity, we can step in and take care of your IT back at home base.
  • Our solutions are proactive – We detect problems before they cause problems for your business. This means that we can find preemptive solutions to your potential IT problems, before you’ve had a single issue with your IT system. We are happy to be your preemptive management team. If you’re hoping to enlist a team of experts to make sure that issues are detected before they can cause harm, our managed services are the way to go.

Platinum Web Services will work in collaboration with your business, so you can reach all your goals when it comes to computer networking and IT. We love to establish long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we will work alongside your business to make sure that you have all the resources in IT, including both software and hardware that you’ll need to succeed.

  • We do our homework by researching your business, because we want to get to know your operations. We work to provide the IT services and network connections that your business needs. We take the time and energy to work with you so that we can center our work on your mission and objectives as a business. We want to help you get there.
  • When you work with Platinum Web Services, you can choose from a myriad of managed IT service options to find exactly the support that meets your unique needs as a business.
  • Our experts can provide trainings to keep your staff updated on new technologies. Find out how our managed network service plans can help you.

Our Team

7 Things We Do Better

We challenge you to find another computer consulting firm in the Saint Louis area that would dare to make these promises:

We'll Respond Within 60-Minutes or Less - Guaranteed.

When you call us with a computer problem, we guarantee that your phone call will be either answered immediately or returned within 60 minutes or less by an experienced technician who can help. If we fail to respond within that time frame, the work is free.

Lightning Fast Repairs.

You should not have to wait around all day for your computer to be repaired. We understand how important your computer network is to you, which is why we offer our remote support services. Thanks to this service, we can securely access your computer network via the Internet so you don't have to wait around for a technician to show up. If we can't fix it remotely, we'll dispatch a technician the same day.

No Geek Speak.

You deserve to get answers to your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. Our technicians will not talk down to you or make you feel stupid because you don't understand their "geek speak".

100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

You deserve complete satisfaction with our products and services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassels, no problems.

No Unpleasant Or Unexpected Surprises.

You should EXPECT that no damage will be done to your network or data. Before we start working on your computer or network, we will evaluate your problem and alert you to any potential risks involved in fulfilling your job. If there are any risks, they will be explained in full, and your authorization and agreement will be obtained before the work commences. You can also choose to have your data backed up before we start any work on your machine.

All Projects Completed On Time and On Budget - Guaranteed.

When you hire us to complete a project, we don't nickel and dime you with "unforeseen" or "unexpected" charges. Some incompetent or unethical technicians will do this because they haven't properly planned or researched the project, OR they use it as a way to extract more money from you. Either way, we don't feel that is correct or ethical. That's why we guarantee all projects to be done ON TIME with no excuses.

Accurate Billing - Guaranteed.

Every bill you receive from us is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed. You'll know exactly what you are paying for, and ALL charges will be pre-approved by you. No more one-line "mystery" bills that don't outline what you are paying for.

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